5 Creative Ways to Use Extra Napkins

5 Creative Ways to Use Extra Napkins

After spending time designing just the right custom napkin for your big event, don't just throw the extras in the recycling bin! Check out these five ways to preserve your personalized design as a fun and lasting memory. 

1. Classic Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are a timeless method of saving photos and knick knacks, and a wedding book is no different! Whether you want something cataloging every detail from your ceremony or a simple page that covers the basics, include your custom napkin along with photos, flowers, and place cards. 

2. Frame It

Glue multiple napkins to the mat board of a frame to act as a background for one of your favorite photos of the event, or create a pattern with your custom design!

3. Shadow Box

Choose some of your favorite mementos from your event and arrange them in a shadow box frame. Glue your personalized napkins to the background of the frame or make just one the centerpiece. 

4. Turn them into coasters!

You'll need ceramic tiles (about 4x4 inches), Mod Podge or similar adhesive, and some polyurethane to seal it in. 

5. Custom candle holders!

Revitalize plain glass candle holders by attaching your custom napkin design! Attach the napkin with Mod Podge, seal with polyurethane, and let dry for a beautiful and delicate reminder of your special day!

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