All About Coasters

All About Coasters

At Napkins Ink, our basic coaster board is made in the USA from recycled pulpboard. Pulpboard is the overwhelming choice for beer and drink coasters for their durability and absorbency. The sturdiness of our pulpboard coasters allows multiple uses that translates into a very cost-effective advertising piece! Since these coasters are produced almost entirely from recycled materials (old newspapers, etc.), they are a great choice for folks minding their budget as well as the environment.

Our all-natural cork coasters are another eco-friendly option that won’t break the bank. The material is harvested from cork oak trees simply by removing the bark, which later regrows, preserving the trees and their ecosystem. A sustainable choice with the added benefit of natural water resistance!

Budgetboard coasters, as the name implies, are an economical alternative to the heavier weight pulpboard.  They are produced from heavy weight cardstock and provide moisture resistance to protect the tabletop.

For a premium, long-lasting product, our wax-backed coasters offer nothing but the best. Tissue cellulose coasters look and feel upscale, and are a convenient way to protect your bar and tables from damaging condensation. They are constructed with 6-ply tissue with a water barrier wax backing. These coasters are most commonly found in hotel rooms. Our clients also use these coasters for cocktails, coffee, tea, espresso, fruit cups, small desserts, and a wide range of other applications.

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