What is the Correct Napkin Ply for my Project?

What is the Correct Napkin Ply for my Project?

Curious about the difference between our 1-ply and our premium 3-ply napkins? Simply put, 1-ply napkins are made using one sheet of tissue, 2-ply is made with two sheets of tissue and 3-ply uses three. The important variable here is the quality of the tissue material. You may be familiar with this quality difference when choosing tissues at the supermarket. There is a big quality difference between a 1-ply budget store brand and the quality you will find at a 4-star hotel.  In our production we choose only the finest quality USA produced virgin and recycled bulk tissue.

The majority of printed napkins used in restaurant and bars are 2-ply because of their combination of quality feel and absorbency.  A 1-ply napkin should be a cheaper alternative, but most restaurant and bar owners find they end up using more because of their limited absorbency.  The 3-ply napkin is the preferred choice for parties, events and other upscale functions because of their upscale appearance and softer feel, as well as increased thickness, meaning added protection for your guests.

We match the proper printing process best suited for the type and quality of the napkin. For an elegant and upscale appearance, foil printing a 3-ply napkin is the perfect combination. 3-ply napkins can also be screen printed beautifully when one or multiple colors or selected for a logo or message. For most 2-ply and 1-ply these are printed using our high-speed flexographic printing equipment.

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