How To: Show Off Custom Napkins at Your Event!

How To: Show Off Custom Napkins at Your Event!

There are dozens of styles to consider for the table placements at your event; different napkin folding methods, place cards or menus, and those small touches that bring the design together. While a simple square fold may seem the best tack to display your custom napkins, there are plenty of options to show off your creativity!

Our tall linen-like dinner napkins combine a plush, luxurious material with all the design possibilities our printing press offers! Venture beyond simple monograms with elegant typesetting or browse our artwork for a design that matches your theme.

For a classic look, keep your design centered on the napkin and utilize a rectangle fold to act as a base for small additions. Or utilize a pocket fold to tuck in place cards or menus. 

Place your wedding date, or other message on the edge of the design space for a modern edge.

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