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Is it - [Instagrammable]?

Infotrends' most recent worldwide forecast suggests that over 1 trillion digital photos were taken in 2017.  With 7.5 billion people on the planet and 4 billion using cell phones, that's only 5 pictures a week per phone.



As the father of three millennial's I can tell you from my own experiences that the Infotrends estimate may be way too low!  On a recent errand to the card store with my daughter Alexa, she easily took a dozen selfies in the short three mile trip!  I've learned not to even acknowledge this exercise or the phone gets turned on me in video-mode while I'm ranting about how selfies and the Kardashians are ruining the world!

As the Vice President of Sales for a company that specializes in printing logos on beverage napkins and coasters (www.napkins.ink), I will explain to you how this selfie addiction can be a fantastic branding opportunity for your business.  When I go out to a restaurant and the server places an amazing plate of food in front of me, my first thought is: "I can't wait to dig in!".  My 25 year old daughter's first thought is: "I must take a dozen pictures of it and immediate upload them to 5 different social media sites for my 1,000+ followers!"

If you're in the restaurant, bar, hotel, or catering business you are definitely on the front lines of this selfie scene. Servers and bartenders witness this madness dozens of times daily.  If you need proof, scan the timeline of any millennial aged female or male, though females do tend to dominate the practice!  Fortunately, hospitality businesses recognize more than most the need to have a timely and interesting presence on multiple social media platforms. 

I have many restaurant and bar customers who do a great job with their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.  These motivated operators post weekly and sometimes daily pics of appetizing creations from their kitchens that appear invitingly on my feed.  This is a smart business task, you are touching base with your loyal followers without hitting them over the head with another advertisement.  The goal of any social media campaign should be more about engagement rather than selling and when used properly it will help you grow your business.

 This is where it gets fun!  You have to start thinking like a millennial.  This past year millennial's over took Baby Boomers as the largest generation in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  So, when you are designing your new space, creating new drink offerings or adding to your entree and dessert menu, you have to ask yourself, "Is it Instagrammable?"  Millennial's are more engaged and more visual, which means your brand's perception is far more important than you may have realized. Brand awareness is all about your brand becoming relevant to potential customers.


Having your logo custom printed on a beverage napkin or coaster is the most cost effective way to put your brand on display!  Think about it, you are already buying beverage napkins, they just aren't making you any money.  Your plain beverage napkin may do a fine job of absorbing moisture and they probably work well cradling the appetizers at your catering events.  However, it's now time to start thinking like a millennial and transform that little white square into a branding superstar.  If your "Brand" was pictured in every one of those food and drink selfies taken at your business then broadcast to each of their 700+ friends within minutes, repeating itself 10, 30, maybe 50 times a day, I would say you now have a Big-Time Marketing Campaign!

 Printing Logo Napkins and Coasters is all we do!  We handle the entire process in-house from design to delivery. Production of your amazing new logo napkins will take about a week and the best part is it only adds about a penny to your current beverage napkin expense!

 Let us help you start "photo-bombing" your brand into a social media viral sensation! 

 Contact us today at: sales@napkins.ink or darrell@napkins.ink  www.napkins.ink



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